5G is a 'go'! What to look for

5G is finally a ‘go’ in Belgium! Beltug is delighted that the auctions are foreseen between May and June 2022. Furthermore, the reshuffling of the frequencies is better for B2B players. As we highlighted in our Beltug Position, as well as in an Opinion article in Data News (which were all written before the decision for the auctions), it is essential to ensure competition in the professional market.


5G primarily brings added value in the professional market - private companies, public institutions, hospitals, universities, stations, ports, etc.  It is through the applications they build that 5G will ultimately benefit the individuals. Companies and government will have an interest in healthy competition at the provider's side. It is important to ensure that the opportunities for players in that business market are not cut off. We are very pleased that this approach seems to have been adopted.


One key question that remains unanswered is whether there will be a 4th B2C player. This creates uncertainty about the options for the B2B players, because the procedure chosen gives priority to a potential B2C player. We feel it would have been preferable to have a clear choice for B2B from the start. 


The move from 2G to 3G was a true revolution: we moved from calling and texting, to web surfing, sharing of photos, and much more. The move from 4G to 5G will be no less revolutionary. 


5G can and will make a difference for companies, hospitals, ports, universities and governments. New applications will help to respond to a range of societal challenges in areas such as mobility, healthcare, security, energy management, etc. 5G offers great innovation potential and will therefore become immensely important for our future economy. This is a growing market, with room for several and diverse providers.