Peer practices: Ready-to-use ICT policies for clarity between employer and employee

Many Beltug members must provide a range of ICT equipment and ICT-related services to enable employees to do their work. ICT helps improve the quality, transparency and efficiency of the daily operations.


To clearly define the rights and duties of both employer and employee, one of our members has written policies for several ICT devices and services. These documents also address personal use of the ICT by the employees. Every policy has a signing section, to make it binding, and contains statements on compliance with the Collective Labour Agreements and GDPR.


This member has agreed to share the (anonymised) policies with their Beltug peers, for informational and inspirational purposes. Feel free to download these policies and use them as examples for your own organisation:



You can find even more information in our updated recommendations for a corporate policy, which includes best practices from our members on subjects such as online and hybrid collaboration, cybersecurity, mobility, privacy, device management versus BYOD, etc.


Beltug members have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a broad range of important topics: if you have tools/documents you use in your company that you can share with the other members, send us an email and help us create more value for you and your peers.


Our thanks to this member, and all other members who have shared their knowledge with their peers and with Beltug.



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