A pioneer in circular services

Mark has a longstanding involvement in the recycling industry, having founded Out of Use in 2009. Out of Use is an environmental company offering companies sustainable solutions for their obsolete IT material. Through the sustainable use of products, materials and resources, via maximum reuse and recycling, it aims to ensure that future generations will be able to continue to enjoy our planet as we do.

Collaborating with organisations such as Natuurpunt and Natagora, Adriaenssens has contributed to over 100,000m² of forest expansion in Belgium. In 2018, Out of Use became the first Belgian, solely B2B-focussed recycler to obtain WEEELABEX certification. It has since become a pioneer in circular services, particularly in the reuse of IT materials from businesses, thus aiding those organisations in achieving necessary ESG objectives.

Launching ‘Back in Use’

In 2023, Mark launched ‘Back in Use,’ a sustainable webshop for refurbished IT materials. This platform enables clients’ staff to repurchase refurbished company laptops from Out of Use for personal use. By targeting B2B and B2C markets equally, this webshop contributes to both economic and ecological value creation.

The activities of Out of Use play a crucial role in promoting sustainability and advancing the circular economy. By extending the lifespan of electronic devices, reducing e-waste, and facilitating environmentally friendly purchasing options, Out of Use contributes to building a more sustainable future for businesses and communities alike.

Sustainability Professional awards 2024