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Business users call for a balanced cloud market: 11 fair principles!

Most organisations highly depend on their cloud solutions. However, the imbalance in the relationships between cloud providers and their business customers leads to unfair practices. Based on concrete examples of harmful practices on the market, four European associations propose 11 fair principles in B2B relationships between business users and their cloud providers.

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Beltug Biometric Data Assessment tool

Is biometrics a suitable fit for your organisation? In the discussions around introducing it, the topic of privacy must be addressed. Beltug’s Biometric Data Assessment tool can help you assess whether biometric data is a viable and preferred option for your use case, and bring that insight to the business and Board.

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SaaS contract checklist for your (non-IT) colleagues

A good contract makes good friends – an important notion to keep in mind when concluding contracts for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). More and more, cloud software is also being purchased outside the IT department. Hitting all the important points can thus be difficult, especially for colleagues who aren’t IT experts. We have brought the expertise of our task forces together to create a checklist to help guide them on their way.

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