Beltug team

Board of Directors

The Beltug Board establishes the association’s mission and vision, plots and guards Beltug’s course for the coming years, and decides on strategic and operational issues.


  • Claude Rapoport, Chairman of the Beltug Board
  • Danielle Jacobs, CEO, Beltug
  • Marc Surinx,
  • Ilse Persoons, BNP Paribas Fortis - Beltug Vice President and Beltug Secretary
  • Anne Fievez, Cercle du Numérique
  • Kris Maes, Coca-Cola European Partners
  • Patrick Putman, Manuchar
  • Rudi Vos, KBC Group
  • Bjorn Van Reet, Kinepolis
  • Danny Vande Putte, National Bank of Belgium – Beltug Treasurer
  • Birgitta Brys, Worldline

Beltug Council

The Council decides on the priorities and the deliverables of Beltug's activities.


  • Danielle Jacobs, CEO, Beltug
  • Ann Guinée, Beltug
  • Levi Nietvelt, Beltug
  • Tom Van Wint, Afosoc-Vesofo
  • Bing Van Seghbroeck, AholdDelhaize
  • Robinson Wilson, Federal Police
  • Luc Van Durme, Fluvius
  • Luc Lornoy, FOD Financiën
  • Dirk Zegers, KBC Group
  • Wim Barthier, National Bank of Belgium
  • Paul Loonen, Partena Professional
  • Yannick Herrebaut, Port of Antwerp
  • André Van Vyve, Vlaamse Overheid

At your daily service

Never hesitate to contact us with your questions or suggestions !

  • Kirsten Asling, Communications
  • Anick De Ridder, Office Manager
  • Ann Guinée, Communication Manager
  • Christine Hufkens, Project Officer
  • Danielle Jacobs, CEO
  • Levi Nietvelt, Business Manager