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As an ICT solution provider or consultant, you can also benefit from being part of the largest group of ICT decision makers in Belgium: 1750+ members strong– and growing! Be where the business ICT users are, and expand your perspectives through expert opinions, real-life experiences and networking.

Innovation & ICT Technology, Procurement & Software Asset Management, Security, Privacy and more

Every year, we organise a broad series of activities open to all members, including Associate members. You can meet other members, and learn about the needs and perspectives of digital technology decision makers.

Learn from over 20 case studies about the challenges facing digital decision makers, and the solutions they are looking for.

Expand your perspectives, with Beltug's reports and opinions on the topics that are priorities for our digital technology-user members as well as our Joint 2017 Beltug, Orange, Proximus & Telenet Belgian Business ICT Market Report - available exclusively for our members!

Make better-informed decisions - and even save money - with alerts and tips such as the GDPR tools, including a vendor assessment questionnaire, contract clauses for data protection, consent notices, a data inventory template, a presentation for your Board, and more!

Network with digital technology decision makers and other ICT solutions providers, to stay aware of your market.


Associate Membership formulas NOW UNTIL 1.01.2021!



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