We take the concerns and priorities of our members seriously, and act upon them by talking to government and providers. Some of the issues we are currently working on include the implementation of the NIS directive, privacy, ePrivacy, indoor coverage, e-archiving, cloud exit strategies and software licensing.


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20 01 2022'Roam like at home' extended until 2032: what is the same and what is new?
13 12 2021Beltug invited to share more messages with more audiences
13 12 20215G is a 'go'! What to look for
06 12 2021Outsmarting hackers: security awareness from the CSC
23 11 2021Beltug opinie: De hoogste tijd voor een vierde speler voor de zakelijke 5G-markt
16 11 2021Beltug and sister associations discuss the ‘power of collaboration’
12 10 2021CIO cabinet discusses invoice fraud, SaaS service bundling
12 10 2021Beltug and sister associations issue joint Position on the EC’s AI regulatory framework proposal
11 10 2021Beltug and sister associations draft joint answer to EC consultation on Data Act
08 10 2021Beltug invited to join the Digital Minds
21 09 2021De prioriteiten van de Belgische CIO's en ICT-beslissers – meeste vragen gaan over het beheer van hun data, IT-architectuur en cybersecurity
21 09 2021Priorités des CIO et décideurs ICT belges – La majorité des questions des décideurs IT concerne la gestion de leurs données, l'architecture IT et la cybersécurité
10 08 2021Beltug meets Cabinet Van Peteghem on copyright for software developers
10 06 2021Beltug and the engineering alumni associations of UGent and KUL joined forces for a debate on 5G
10 06 2021Beltug drafts Position on Belgian privacy law, for Mathieu Michel
08 06 2021Beltug's Security Task Force kicks off
02 06 2021Beltug calls for ‘no more delays’ on 5G in Belgium
07 05 2021Beltug and sister associations issue joint opinion on the Digital Markets Act (DMA)
11 03 2021Beltug and GUBERNA combine expertise to accelerate the digitisation of organisations
24 02 2021Beltug government memorandum
22 02 2021Be alert: Cybercriminals ramp up efforts during pandemic
07 12 2020Setting a bounty on bugs? What you need to know.
04 12 2020Beltug launches Digital Innovation Task Force
23 11 2020Beltug and sister associations join forces on competition issues with software providers
18 11 2020Beltug recommendations for your SaaS negotiations: SWIPO and the SaaS CoC
13 10 2020Les projets IT prennent du retard, tant dans les entreprises qu’au niveau des pouvoirs publics
13 10 2020IT-projecten lopen vertraging op, zowel bij bedrijven als overheid
23 09 2020‘Fair practices’ by digital tech suppliers shouldn’t stop when the contract is signed
22 09 2020Priorités des CIO et décideurs ICT belges – Architecture informatique et la cybersécurité sont omniprésentes
22 09 2020De prioriteiten van de Belgische CIO's en ICT-beslissers – IT architectuur en Cyber security alomtegenwoordig
09 09 2020IT security problems in the Covid-19 era: Beltug speaks at ITU
15 07 2020Solidarity with our students: DigitalForYouth seeks 5,000 more laptops, can you help?
09 07 2020Beltug CIO Cabinet discussions drive Beltug initiatives for Covid-19 policies and tools
09 07 2020Where is the future of telecoms in Belgium going?
09 07 2020Beltug participates in Knowledge Centre Data & Society webinar on contact tracing apps
19 06 2020Beltug Position: Companies urgently need clarity on how to balance privacy requirements with Covid-19 measures
27 05 2020SAM Task Force: the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on software procurement
25 05 2020The state of the GDPR after 2 years in effect: Beltug weighs the balance
09 04 2020Beltug reinforces international cooperation
09 04 2020Radiation norms in Belgium
03 04 2020Beltug visits VRT, and discovers an intensive and high-tech communication flow
01 04 2020Minimizing patch management in crisis situations: press release
26 03 2020Share your tips and concerns about ICT in these challenging times - Beltug Consultation
03 03 2020Privacy Council meets with DPA, Microsoft and Facebook
28 02 2020The SAM Task Force takes on supplier relationships
27 02 2020Beltug CIO Cabinet reflects on Beltug’s role & actions towards new European Commission
25 02 2020Beltug’s updated Proposal for a Software Publishers’ Code of Conduct calls for clear, transparent and fair software licence models
20 12 2019Beltug compiles list of engaged Blockchain experts for governments, policymakers and other stakeholders
13 12 2019Involved in software asset management? Maybe our SAM Task Force is for you!
08 11 2019Beltug drafts ‘Blockchain Memorandum’ for government
30 09 2019Beltug's Privacy Council discusses Microsoft privacy issues
25 09 2019De prioriteiten van de Belgische ICT-beslissers - 'to cloud or not to cloud?'
25 09 2019Priorités des décideurs ICT belges - 'to cloud or not to cloud?'
20 09 2019Beltug extends its international dimension to support member needs
20 09 2019Blockchain Task Force marks its first year
19 09 2019Beltug joins forces with Cyber Security Coalition to cooperate on cyber security
08 07 2019NIS Directive - information from the Centre For Cyber Security Belgium (CCB) for the Beltug members
01 07 2019Beltug meets the new DPA president, plus new privacy tools
01 07 2019Beltug polls users on cybercrime at Cyber Security Summit
28 06 2019Following strong growth, Blockchain task force creates subgroups
27 06 promotes gender-balanced work culture
04 06 2019Royal Decree on e-archiving published
03 06 2019Cybersecurity: Royal Decree + Beltug meets CCB
30 05 gives business users an international voice
10 05 2019New consumer rate caps for international EU calls and texts as of 15 May: check your bills!
09 05 2019Beltug Board changes - waving goodbye to Paul De Cooman, and welcoming Bjorn Van Reet, CIO Kinepolis
30 04 2019INTUG/Beltug support ETNO and GSMA position on Connected Cars standard
02 04 2019DPA: time for the real work to begin
01 04 2019January's Microsoft O365 outage had limited but serious impact
01 04 2019NIS directive on security of network and information systems is transposed into Belgian law
01 03 2019Etude du marché professionnel belge des TIC 2019
01 03 2019Marktstudie zakelijke Belgische ICT-markt 2019
26 02 2019With more than 1500 top-level internet domains: is your system Universal Acceptance-ready?
18 02 2019INTUG attends Third ITU Workshop on Network 2030
07 02 2019Beltug calls urgently for nomination of new DPA management team
06 02 2019Beltug reactie over uitblijven beslissing over 5G
06 02 2019Réaction de Beltug sur l'absence de décision concernant la 5G
31 01 2019Beltug Privacy Council - our high-level peer group
31 01 2019Full speed ahead, with the Blockchain task force!
30 11 2018EuroCIO Supplier Satisfaction Survey reveals reveals slowdown of cloud adoption and increase of exit strategies
28 11 2018Beltug addresses outsourcing in special Trends edition
21 11 2018Update on secure, approved e-archiving: Royal Decree is coming - Beltug involved
21 11 2018EuroCIO meets EU VP Ansip at Roundtable
20 11 2018INTUG speaks on 'Strengthening collaboration in cybersecurity' at ITU 2018
09 11 2018Lights, camera, action: Beltug videos
16 10 2018Resultaten Beltug Priority Survey editie 2018 - Bedrijven geven topprioriteit aan strategie IT-architectuur
16 10 2018Résultats de l’étude 'Priorités 2018' de Beltug - Les entreprises donnent la priorité absolue à une stratégie d’architectur
06 10 2018EuroCIO Supplier Satisfaction Survey reveals weak points in vendor relationships, and need for more balanced, innovative partnerships
17 09 2018Beltug Blockchain Task Force is launched
12 09 2018As BIPT evaluates competition in the business telecoms market, Beltug is engaged
17 07 2018Opinion de Beltug - Un quatrième opérateur mobile ? Les préoccupations du marché des entreprises.
17 07 2018Beltug Standpunt - Een vierde mobiele operator? Overwegingen van de bedrijfsmarkt.
27 06 2018Beltug urgently calls for higher emission standards, to enable 5G
27 06 2018Is Blockchain at the core of your expertise? Join our task force: send us your Expression of Interest!
04 06 2018A superfast network for Flanders? Beltug Position for the Flemish Government
01 06 2018eSIM and GSMA-proposed standard: INTUG publishes position statement
31 05 2018Strengthening the European approach on cybersecurity
30 05 2018INTUG’s Board of Directors confirmed at AGM
29 05 2018INTUG participates in OECD meeting covering IoT, 5G, zero rating, network neutrality and more
28 05 2018'Strengthening collaboration in cybersecurity' at ITU 2018
25 05 2018Beltug/INTUG to address ITU’s Global Symposium for Regulators
23 05 2018GDPR and supplier relations: Beltug attends EuroCIO meeting in London
30 04 2018Active in B2C? Your website needs to refer to the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform!
27 04 2018Smart cities in Taiwan – inspiration from intelligent urban solutions and trends
26 04 2018Danielle Jacobs comments on Argenta and on the GDPR, in De Tijd and De Morgen
28 03 2018Danielle Jacobs speaks at the European Parliament on free flow of non-personal data - 20 February 2018
27 03 2018Update on NIS implementation in Belgium
16 03 2018'Competition must prevail in the quest for telecoms investment'
15 03 2018Strengthening the European approach on cyber security
13 02 2018Belgische bedrijven doneren amper afgedankte computers aan ngo's
13 02 2018Les entreprises belges ne sont guère donatrices d’ordinateurs usagés
31 01 2018Beltug expands international perspectives with EuroCIO
18 01 2018Beltug challenges Microsoft: Takeaways from our meeting of 18 January 2018
12 01 2018Beltug presents GDPR tools at IAPP data protection conference
11 01 2018Encouraging innovation in contact centres: Beltug and BISON
11 01 2018Beltug represents business users at Cerre's 'ultrafast broadband' seminar
10 01 2018EC invites Beltug to present roaming report
20 12 2017Beltug/INTUG chair B2B panel at ECTA 2017
21 11 2017RNR: Beltug to liaise between business and government on practical access
14 11 2017New mobile tools benefits-in-kind as of 1 January – Royal Decree published
13 11 2017Broadband and broadcasting: Beltug responds to BIPT Consultation
02 11 2017Beltug speaks at ITU Telecom World in South Korea
09 10 2017L’enquête annuelle de Beltug sur les priorités des décideurs ICT: les résultats sont surprenants
09 10 2017Beltug rondvraag naar de prioriteiten bij ICT beslissingsnemers: verrassende resultaten
12 09 2017'CEO fraud': a rising concern
14 08 2017Beltug invited to join Task Force on e-Archiving
13 08 2017Beltug represents business users at Privacy Platform meeting on ePrivacy regulations
11 08 2017Beltug/INTUG take part in EU cloud stakeholders meeting
13 06 2017Beltug submits Position on NIS Directive implementation
30 05 2017Beltug joins with CIOForum, EuroCIO & INTUG to explore GDPR
24 05 2017Beltug Consultation on the end of EU roaming: share your experience
25 04 2017Privacy issues: Beltug works on GDPR and meets with Secretary of State Philippe De Backer
25 04 2017No more roaming – make sure to contact your mobile operator!
05 04 2017The joint 2017 Beltug, Orange, Proximus & Telenet Belgian Business ICT Market Report: exclusively for our members
31 03 2017Beltug/INTUG publish Position on ITRE rapporteur's report
14 03 2017Beltug evaluates BSA tools
14 03 2017Towards a competitive market for e-archiving: Beltug Position
10 03 2017Beltug enables market study with Orange, Proximus and Telenet
26 01 2017EC Adopts Roaming Fair Use Policy and Wholesale Rates
26 01 2017Tax breaks for innovation in software?
16 01 2017BIPT report: how do telecom prices in Belgium compare?
11 01 2017Beltug met EU VP Ansip
23 11 2016Software licensing: update on cooperation with BSA + new letter campaign
17 11 2016BELTUG talks software licences and priorities with Z-ICT
16 11 2016BELTUG speaks on GDPR at Senate privacy colloquium
17 10 2016BELTUG moves forward on indoor coverage, with working groups on construction and transparency
12 10 2016INTUG/BELTUG presents CoC for software publishers to software asset managers and publishers
11 10 2016What impact will the EU's proposal on forced data localisation have? Danielle Jacobs guest blogs on Blogactiv
03 10 2016BELTUG to speak at Belgian Senate
03 10 2016Net Neutrality: BEREC publishes its Guidelines
03 10 2016INTUG getting a voice in plans for global roaming policy
15 09 2016Minister De Croo recognises BELTUG as the voice of our members
29 08 2016BELTUG addresses Microsoft Azure: interview in Trends + a Beltug X-change
26 08 2016BIPT explains its 2016 operational plan and publishes market conditions report
25 08 2016Indoor coverage: BELTUG leads working groups
24 08 2016BELTUG/INTUG meet with BSA/The Software Alliance in London
01 08 2016Exercising your right to be forgotten
15 07 2016European Digital Front-Runners: The Boston Consulting Group publishes new report
08 07 2016BELTUG CIO delegation discusses digital business market topics with Minister De Croo
07 07 2016BELTUG and Privacy Platform meet with new Secretary of State for Privacy, Philippe De Backer
07 07 2016INTUG/BELTUG at ETNO-Mlex: 'Regulating for the User of the Future'
28 06 2016Security and the cloud: conflicting or complementary? Plus, preparing for the GDPR: our checklist
25 06 2016Contracts and service models: how service management is being influenced by the undeniable migration to Cloud
21 06 2016BELTUG/INTUG’s Danielle Jacobs is a GTB “Woman to Watch”
07 06 2016TiSA: Towards a 21st century trade agreement
01 06 2016Final version of the Proposal for a Software Publishers’ Code of Conduct now available, sent to software publishers
26 05 2016Cloud as CAPEX: BELTUG searches for a solution
24 05 2016BELTUG in driver's seat for indoor coverage working group
10 05 2016Have you received a letter from BSA/The Software Alliance? BELTUG's recommendations on what to do
04 05 2016EuroCIO and INTUG join forces to ensure stronger representation of the business ICT demand side
02 05 2016New Paper: Extending the Digital Single Market – a UK Perspective on Barriers, by Andy Tarrant
18 04 2016Wondering about mobile coverage? BIPT publishes latest Atlas
15 04 2016BELTUG, BIPT and mobile operators to meet on indoor coverage
26 02 2016Danielle Jacobs named a Data News 'Insider'
24 02 2016Telenet and Orange may offer welcome competition in Belgian business telecoms market
24 02 2016BELTUG gets support for data protection activities from Digital Minds
24 02 2016Mobile roaming update: what will be the impact on your existing contracts?
10 02 2016INTUG Participates in WIK Study for EC on Access and Interoperability
27 01 2016BELTUG contributes to the government's e-billing project and carries out member poll
20 01 2016Annual Economic Report on the European telecoms sector from ETNO
18 01 2016Who does BELTUG represent ? Our membership profiles expand
08 01 2016BELTUG and BTG initiate international dialogue on indoor coverage
08 01 2016BELTUG Opinion on changes in the communications market highlighted in Datanews
08 01 2016EuroCIO supports the INTUG/BELTUG proposal for a Code of Conduct for software providers
29 12 2015BELTUG participates in Privacy Platform Cabinet meeting on IoT
22 12 2015BELTUG talks indoor coverage with BIPT, prepares Position
22 12 2015INTUG Creates Consolidated Response to European Commission consultations on Regulatory Framework Review, Internet Speed post-2020, and Roaming Implementation
03 12 2015BELTUG/INTUG talk software licenses at SAMS 2015
25 11 2015INTUG/BELTUG speak for business ICT users at BEREC
24 11 2015Onduidelijkheid over verplichte e-facturatie aan de overheid
24 11 2015Manque de clarté sur l’e-facturation aux services publics
13 11 2015INTUG makes statement on the Internet of Things to BEREC
10 11 2015New BELTUG Cabinet sets priorities at CIO level
10 11 2015BELTUG develops a proposal for a Code of Conduct for software providers
04 11 2015BELTUG responds to government e-invoicing with Position and cooperation with Agoria
23 10 2015Secretary of State Tommelein weighs in on Safe Harbour decision to Privacy Platform
22 10 2015BELTUG in the blog-osphere: Pol Vanbiervliet’s blog on Member Forum market competitivity debate
31 08 2015Government e-invoicing initiative: BELTUG asks for clarifications and efficient practical arrangements
19 08 2015BELTUG President Claude Rapoport speaks at BIPT “Beyond” event on innovation
26 06 2015INTUG speaks at Digital Assembly in Riga + INTUG brings together different stakeholders
25 06 2015Orange discusses cloud adoption at INTUG workshop
25 06 2015Status report on BSA/BELTUG communication + members receive letters from Microsoft: software license issues
22 06 2015BELTUG collaborates with Proximus to adapt billing for evolving business needs
12 06 2015INTUG Participates in European Commission Study by WIK-Consult
20 05 2015New BELTUG Position on guest Wi-Fi responds to BIPT consultation
20 05 2015BELTUG participates in government e-commerce platform
19 05 2015BELTUG looks into the new government e-invoicing initiative
16 04 2015BELTUG writes Minister Jambon about ASTRID
07 04 2015BELTUG's 10-Point Plan for the Belgian Government
02 04 2015Beltug 'Position on identification and data retention for telecommunications operators'
02 04 2015BELTUG presents its 'Position on the future of numbering' to BIPT
02 04 2015Software license issues: BELTUG meets with BSA + BELTUG to draft checklist & Code of Conduct
16 03 2015Open Internet: INTUG and ETNO call for a user-friendly approach
09 03 2015The impact of the Belgian telecoms sector on the economy and digital value chain
06 03 2015BELTUG takes seat on policy committees for State Sec. Tommelein and Minister De Croo
06 03 2015BELTUG and INTUG disappointed with EU Council decision on roaming
04 03 2015BELTUG obtains answers to your ASTRID indoor coverage questions
03 03 2015BELTUG's recommendations if you receive a letter from BSA - plus - BSA responds to our Open Letter
23 01 2015BELTUG requests criteria clarification from Head of ASTRID Safety Commission Marc Looze
23 01 2015BELTUG responds to BSA/The Software Alliance
23 01 2015BELTUG calls for single telecoms market in published opinion
22 01 2015BELTUG takes members’ needs to Proximus and Telenet
20 01 2015Danielle Jacobs invited by Commissioner Oettinger for high-level roundtable on high-speed digital networks
19 01 2015Analysis of BELTUG member priorities in new coalition agreement
01 12 2014INTUG/BELTUG promote the interests of the ICT business user on the international level
27 11 2014Towards more data centres in Belgium - BELTUG position
20 11 2014BELTUG issues raised in Belgian Parliament
03 11 2014President of BIPT and CIO/CTOs join BELTUG to address the challenges of power blackouts
03 11 2014Changes in fiscal regime for private use of laptops, tablets and smartphones by employees
03 11 2014Mobile indoor coverage creates headache for companies
30 10 2014BELTUG presents business users' view on IPv6 to FPS Economy conference
09 10 2014BELTUG position on guest WiFi: no disproportional restrictions please!
25 09 2014With APEC Tel guest status, INTUG extends contact with regulators in Asia Pacific
11 09 2014BELTUG en V-ICT-OR standpunt: Het aanbieden van ‘free WiFi’ voor bezoekers
04 09 2014BELTUG consults on FON and Wi-Free for business users
03 09 2014Indoor coverage Astrid - Status update
26 08 2014Position de BELTUG : Vers un traitement (para)fiscal équitable du travail mobile, comme stimulant pour l’économie
26 08 2014BELTUG Standpunt: Naar een billijke (para)fiscale behandeling van mobiel werken, als stimulans voor de economie
19 08 2014Cloud Service Level Agreement Standardisation Guidelines
10 07 2014BELTUG clarifies Press reporting of results on UC market shares from Market Survey
23 06 2014INTUG at OECD
23 06 2014Are you covered...? 4G coverage maps for Belgium
19 06 2014INTUG at ETNO and Telecom Italia workshop ahead of Italian EU Presidency
19 06 2014INTUG and the GSMA get together
12 06 2014Mémorandum sur les préoccupations des entreprises et des institutions publiques utilisatrices d’ICT
12 06 2014Memorandum over de bezorgdheden van de zakelijke ict-gebruikers, bedrijven en overheidsinstellingen
30 04 2014Mobile Data Index mars 2014 FR
30 04 2014Mobile Data Index maart 2014 NL
29 04 2014Urgent: Apple iPhone upgrade can cause APN configuration problems
28 04 2014INTUG/BELTUG Joins Forces with Campaign for Clear Licensing
24 04 2014UPDATED: Have a private hotspot? What are your legal obligations? BELTUG and V-ICT-OR discuss with BIPT/IBPT and the Privacy Commission
24 04 2014BELTUG concerned about unclear ASTRID obligations
09 04 2014BELTUG/INTUG talk mobile security at ISACA
02 04 2014Alert for your employees: hotspots not saving on iOS 7.1
02 04 2014VP Kroes responds to INTUG on Apple restrictive practices
07 03 2014TIP: How to test your emergency call routing
27 02 2014INTUG weighs in on Apple restrictive practices on 4G networks
27 02 2014INTUG addresses BEREC inaugural stakeholder workshop on Relevant Markets Review
24 02 2014BELTUG brings business issues to digital plan Minister Vande Lanotte
29 01 2014Teleworking employees? Know your tax responsibilities!
13 01 2014Apple iPhone 4G Connectivity in Belgium
20 12 2013A real headache? BELTUG highlights software license issues
18 12 2013INTUG participates in OECD meeting in Paris
16 12 2013INTUG/BELTUG go to European Parliament
11 12 2013Walloon antenna site tax passed: mobile operators concerned about financial implications
05 12 2013Telecommunications Advisory Committee finally looks at business markets
27 11 2013Have a private hotspot? What are your legal obligations?
18 11 2013Neelie Kroes responds to INTUG letter
18 11 2013INTUG presents at BEREC stakeholder meeting in RIGA
18 11 2013BELTUG reacts against the latest regulation for Astrid, in Datanews
18 11 2013BELTUG meets with the Council of regulator BIPT-IBPT
11 11 2013BIPT / IBPT launching an international price comparison for the business market
21 10 2013Tweede Mobile Data Prijsindex van BELTUG
21 10 2013Deuxième indice du prix des données mobiles de BELTUG
02 10 2013Cloud computing: an opportunity for the Belgian economy!
17 09 2013INTUG reacts to new EU proposals on a single telecoms market
16 09 2013Let’s continue to unlock the reality of mobile data prices! Take part in our short survey, find out if YOUR mobile rates are in-line and maybe win a champagne breakfast.
16 09 2013BELTUG survey reveals members' perceptions of mobile networks
06 09 2013BELTUG comments on BIPT/IBPT's draft document about preventing IP-PBX hacking
06 09 2013Position: The economic and social benefits of providing business users with a single market for telecommunications
19 07 2013Neelie Kroes references ECTA/INTUG study in speech on 'Ensuring Connectivity for the Digital Economy'
16 07 2013BELTUG & INTUG spread message at high-level events
08 07 2013The attractiveness of investment in the Belgian telecommunications sector
18 06 2013Public Information Session on telecoms single market highlights growing attention to the business market
17 06 2013BELTUG cooperations for mobile device tax policy and much more
02 05 2013BELTUG needs your opinion on mobile network quality - Win a Champagne Breakfast for two
30 04 2013Les incertitudes concernant la norme bruxelloise de rayonnement responsable de pertes économiques.
30 04 2013Onzekerheid over Brusselse stralingsnorm leidt tot economisch verlies.
08 04 2013Alert: BELTUG urges all organisations and ISPs running DNS servers to check the configuration of the open DNS resolvers
05 04 2013INTUG welcomes EU decoupling decision but highlights need to meet corporate user requirements
20 03 2013BELTUG Position: Vers un traitement (para)fiscal équitable du travail mobile, en tant qu’incitant pour l’économie
20 03 2013BELTUG Standpunt: Naar een billijke (para)fiscale behandeling van mobiel werken, als stimulans voor de economie
20 03 2013Prijs van mobiel internet daalt niet snel genoeg op de zakelijke markt: BELTUG publiceert Mobile Data Prijsindex
20 03 2013Le prix de l’internet mobile ne baisse pas assez rapidement sur le marché professionnel: BELTUG publie l’Indice des prix des données mobiles
11 03 2013BELTUG meets with BIPT-IBPT Council
11 03 2013INTUG in Mexico, as government moves to increase competition
08 02 2013Network Connectivity: What international businesses need to succeed
30 01 2013Fragmented services market costs billions
30 01 2013Open Brief aan Minister Vande Lanotte
26 11 2012BELTUG Paper: The rise of M2M communications: questions and challenges in numbering.
15 11 2012BELTUG named to the Consultative Telecommunications Committee
12 11 2012Make sure you see a new decrease in your fixed-to-mobile tariffs!
30 10 2012BELTUG challenges Proximus and Mobistar on SLAs for mobile communications
29 10 2012Chairman of INTUG speaks at Telecom World 2012 in Dubai
29 10 2012‘Inspiring’ discussions for INTUG & Vice President Kroes
11 07 2012Emergency Number regulations: where are we now?
15 06 2012INTUG Submits Contribution on Roaming for ITU
31 05 2012CMA hosted INTUG Meeting in London: feedback
21 05 2012BEREC: Voice Roaming Rates near Regulated Caps
17 04 2012BELTUG answer on the BIPT consultation on the need for 076 and 079 ‘company numbers’
09 04 2012BELTUG answer on the BIPT consultation on the Work Plan 2012
30 03 2012BELTUG/INTUG ALERT – Comments on Preliminary deal on roaming from EU
28 02 2012Voting in European Parliament on mobile roaming goes in the right direction
13 02 2012BELTUG Memorandum for the Goverment
30 01 2012Antwoord BELTUG op de consultatie van het BIPT over de noodnummers
08 12 2011BlackBerry Service Disruption, October 10 – 13, 2011 - RIM comment for BELTUG
02 12 2011BELTUG response to the public consultation on Cybersurveillance of the Privacy Commission
14 10 2011BELTUG action plan 2011-2012
05 07 2011INTUG's Chairman, Danielle Jacobs thanked the International Telecommunications Union ITU
01 07 2011BELTUG Tariff alert: Digital Agenda: lower roaming prices as of 1st July
21 06 2011Submission by BELTUG/INTUG to the FCC on AT&T/Deutsche Telekom AG
14 06 2011Report on the INTUG meeting Hong‐Kong May 2011
23 05 2011BELTUG on the Microsoft/Skype deal
30 03 2011Bedrijven en overheidsinstellingen hebben te weinig keuzemogelijkheden om hun telecommunicatiediensten optimaal uit te bouwen
30 03 2011Les entreprises publiques et privées n’ont pas assez de choix pour développer des services de télécommunication optimaux.
23 03 2011Meeting with Chris Fonteijn, Chair BEREC (the European Regulators)
28 02 2011INTUG Responds to EC Consultation on Harmonization of Numbering Resources
21 02 2011INTUG/BELTUG letter to BEREC on the business market
14 02 2011Results of the BELTUG survey on fixed-to-mobile
14 02 2011INTUG/BELTUG responds to EC consultation on Mobile Roaming
01 02 2011BELTUG comments consultation draft bills on electronic communications
25 11 2010BELTUG answer on the consultation on the Strategic Plan of the BIPT
25 06 2010Tariff alert: cut-off limit for mobile data roaming from July 1st - BELTUG recommendations
22 06 2010Meeting of INTUG and European Commissioner Neelie Kroes, 22 June 2010
11 05 2010INTUG Position Paper on Cloud Computing
07 05 2010INTUG Position on EU Consultation on Universal Service Principles
11 03 2010BELTUG position - BIPT Consultation on mobile termination rates
11 02 2010BELTUG/INTUG paper International Mobile Services and the Multinational Customer - A Dysfunctional Market
23 10 2009INTUG Position on the Protection of Business User Rights to Internet Access in the Information Society
24 06 2009BELTUG Tariff alert – New roaming tariffs as of July 1st - time to talk to your mobile operator
18 06 2009BELTUG/INTUG answer on “Consultation on Functioning of Roaming Regulation”
26 05 2009in memoriam Sergio Antocicco, board member and chairman of INTUG
05 05 2009BELTUG position - BIPT Consultation regarding the possible political options as far as the evolution of geographical numbers is concerned
30 04 2009Pour BELTUG, L’ICT aide à faire face à la crise économique
30 04 2009Volgens BELTUG helpt ICT het hoofd bieden aan economische crisis
12 03 2009BELTUG vindt het niet uitstellen van de invoering van de verlaging van de Brusselse norm voor straling onverantwoord
12 03 2009Pour BELTUG, rien ne justifie le non-report de l’introduction de la réduction de la norme bruxelloise pour le rayonnement.
16 02 2009INTUG letters for Informal EU Ministerial, Prague 17 Feb
09 02 2009BELTUG Barometer fixed-to-mobile January 2009
03 11 2008INTUG research report - Next Generation Networks (NGN) and Next Generation Access (NGA
09 10 2008Draft Royal Decree on numbering - consultation BIPT - BELTUG position
26 09 2008INTUG/BELTUG welcomes Commission action on Roaming
26 09 2008New Mobile termination rates as of July 1st 2008
07 07 2008BELTUG/INTUG position on Functioning of Roaming Regulation and possible extension to SMS and data roaming
24 06 2008De knelpunten in het wettelijk kader over telefoonnummers/Blocages à résoudre dans le cadre légal relatif aux numéros de téléphone
22 05 2008Stormweer voor bellen van vast-naar-mobiel - BELTUG klaagt grote verwarring aan via Barometer-op-storm
22 05 2008Avis de tempête sur les appels de fixe à mobile - Via son Baromètre, BELTUG stigmatise le flou artistique entretenu autour des tarifs.
05 05 2008Productivity, Growth and Jobs: How Telecoms Regulation Can Support European Businesses
30 04 2008INTUG Position Statement on the European Commission's proposals following review of the European Telecommunications Framework.
07 03 2008Tariff alert: Fixed-to-mobile tariffs – no more fixed setup costs - talk to your operator!
22 02 2008Telecom regionalisation is a serious obstacle to the development of the knowledge economy
08 02 2008Where to find the combination of numbers and service providers?
29 01 2008BELTUG/INTUG position on termination rates
21 01 2008BELTUG publie un baromètre morose de la baisse des tarifs de fixe à mobile
21 01 2008BELTUG publiceert sombere barometer voor lagere tarieven vast-naar-mobiel
21 01 2008BELTUG fixed-to-mobile barometer = cloudy
21 11 2007BELTUG opinion on the European Decision of last week
25 09 2007Position towards a new government
10 08 2007European Commission benchmarks how mobile operators comply with EU regulation on international roaming
29 06 2007The European roaming regulation became effective
05 06 2007European business frustrated by fragmented EU electronic communications market - INTUG, EVUA and BT study
04 05 2007Roaming - voting posponed - Users will need to be alert
30 03 2007BELTUG to expand operations
13 02 2007Belgacom tariffs for fixed-to-mobile - decision of the BIPT/IBPT
INTUG responds to OECD Communications Working Party meeting
Beltug reinforces international cooperation (KOPIE)
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