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Partner papers

OodriveJun 2018 - Digital Trust - Make your move to the electronic signature a successful one
OodriveJun 2018 - How to guarantee maximum confidentiality and security in strategic meetings?
VerizonMay 2018 - Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2018 (DBIR)
SecureLinkMay 2018 - New AZ Alma hospital site is the epitome of the Secure Digital Workspace
mobcoApr 2018 - Why you need a specific configuration for work
TelenetApr 2018 - IT Security Report - Why your company is also a target and how to keep hackers out
TelenetApr 2018 - Dossier Sécurité IT - Pourquoi votre entreprise est-elle aussi une cible et comment barrer la route aux pirates?
TelenetApr 2018 - Dossier IT Security - Waarom ook uw bedrijf een doelwit is en hoe u hackers buitenhoudt
mobcoMar 2018 - The definite enterprise guide for iOS 11.3
SecureLinkMar 2018 - Managed Services, extend your IT team with proven security expertise
SecureLinkMar 2018 - The Secure Digital Workspace, a more effective and flexible way of working
GDPR SquareDec 2017 - GDPR: Six months to go until the deadline
GDPR SquareDec 2017 - GDPR: Il reste 6 mois avant l'échéance
GDPR SquareDec 2017 - GDPR: Nog 6 maanden te gaan tot de deadline
AtosOct 2017 - Opinion Paper - Digital Vision for Cyber Security
AtosSept 2017 - Journey 2020 Digital Shockwaves in Business
AtosSept 2017 - Ascent Look Out 2016+
AtosSept 2017 - Enterprise DevOps Building a Service Oriented Organization
SecureLinkSept 2017 - Port of Antwerp converts new Port House into modern mobile workplace
VerizonSept 2017 - The State of the IoT Market: Our 2017 Report
VerizonSept 2017 - Verizon 2017 Payment Security Report
VerizonFeb 2017 - Verizon 2017 Data Breach Digest report
HuaweiFeb 2017 - Global Connectivity Index 2016 whitepaper
NextelFeb 2017 - Bent u al op weg naar de slimme assistentiewoning?
NextelFeb 2017 - Beter communiceren in de zorgsector
Telenet BusinessJan 2017 - Connectiviteit vandaag en morgen (NL)
Dimension DataSecuring workspaces for tomorrow
Dimension DataTake Control of the Cloud
Dimension Data2015 Mobile Workforce Report - Regional whitepaper (Europe)
InterouteOpportunities Of Digital Transformation
InterouteWhy Cloud Infrastructure Services hold the key to Delivering New Opportunities for the Business in 2014