Safeonweb scores

The Safeonweb browser extension allocates a score to websites, indicating to the user the level of cyber security:

Green: the website owner has an Extended Validation Certificate issued by a Certificate Authority or the site owner is registered on Therefore:

  • It should be OK to continue surfing on this website
  • It should be OK to share data on this website

Amber: the website owner has an Organisation Validation Certificate, or a Domain Validation Certificate issued by a Certificate Authority, and the website is not registered on Therefore:

  • It may be OK to surf on this website
  • However, you may wish to refrain from sharing data on this website

Red: the website lacks basic security features or is known to be malicious. The website owner has no certificate and thus has not been validated. Therefore:

  • It is not advised to browse this website or share any data

An initial indication…

The Safeonweb Browser Extension thus provides a first indication of safety, based on the website owner’s certifications and validation. While Organisation Validation Certificates and Domain Validation Certificates issued by a Certificate Authority can indicate some basic protection, they don’t provide information on the website’s content or owner. They can thus be useful for certain purposes (such as business websites that don’t conduct transactions or gather personal information). However, for more security-sensitive domains like banking or financial services, e-commerce or large multinationals, you need much greater brand identity security and authentication.

…and a proactive cyber defence approach

This type of proactive cyber defence tool will only get stronger, the more people and organisations use it – both from the visitor and website owner side.

Beltug and our members have been active in supporting the development of Safeonweb@work and the Safeonweb browser extension, which has now been launched.

Now, we encourage you to play your part in enhancing cyber security:

  • Download the Safeonweb browser extension, and allow others in your organisation to do so as well
  • Validate your website with Safeonweb, at (for Belgian organisations only), to help increase the value of the tool to other users