A good user security awareness programme delivers a lot of benefits for your organisation: by making sure employees are both aware of and recognise potential threats, you can prevent loss and leaks of sensitive information, and reduce security incidents through greater detection, blocking and reporting. Over time, you can create a culture of self-responsibility around security.

But what is a ‘good user security awareness programme’? Among the elements of a successful programme, we find commitment at the highest levels of the organisation, a positive and tailored approach, diverse and stimulating activities including rewards for good behaviour, to name a few.

There are a number of steps you can take to help build a successful user security awareness programme:

  • Map your current level of security awareness
  • Develop an awareness management process
  • Create a security awareness culture
  • Measure the success of your awareness activities
  • Designate Security Ambassadors and Security Community

Looking for inspiration for your own successful user security awareness programme? Beltug members can log-in to take a look at the Beltug Paper, which provides plenty of details how to get started, plus some ideas for awareness-raising activities, and tips & tricks you won’t want to miss!