But while AI promises to make certain processes easy, the success of the technology and of your AI project is anything but! Proper preparation is key:  from assessing the readiness of your IT infrastructure, through defining the right goals and realistic expectations, to making sure the right skill sets are available, and ensuring collaboration from the start with all company stakeholders.

We had a look at good practices for working with AI, whether for (big) data analytics or other purposes. In this session, we started with guidance on creating and implementing machine learning workloads. Then we dove into the legal framework of AI, including the upcoming AI regulation. Finally, we heard a real-life story of using AI to turn the wealth of data held by the notarial profession into insight for data-driven tools – while complying with security and privacy requirements.

The presentations and the recording from the event are available to Beltug members below (after login).

  • AWS presentation: Best practices when building end-to-end machine learning solutions
  • Allen & Overy presentation: Regulating AI – the legal framework and practical recommendations
  • Fednot User story: How AI helps the notarial profession to unlock sensitive data