We carried out a Consultation asking our members to share tips and concerns about ICT during Covid-19. We received a lot of interest and responses: more than ever, companies are looking to learn from the experiences of other organisations. Thank you for the many contributions.

Covid-19 – Peer practices

We have brought together the input we received from our members. The 15-page paper includes insight into:

  • Challenges of the massive switch to teleworking
  • Tips for security and privacy
  • Beltug’s ‘Guidelines for creating a Privacy Awareness and Training programme’
  • An overview of security and privacy tools from the Dutch Data Protection Authority
  • Practical tips for web meetings/web conferencing
  • The impact on software licences and contracts, including tips and insight
  • Hardware
  • Cash flow optimisation
  • Wi-Fi performance
  • Minimising patch management in crisis situation
  • Performance of telecom networks and cloud infrastructure (data networks, telephony networks, in Belgium, at the European level, cloud – data centres, collaboration tools)
  • Leadership tips: anticipating for tomorrow, embracing the positive elements of homeworking and web meetings, using the missing links and business continuity

The paper is available for our members.