In our N-sight, we heard from Orange Cyberdefense about the cyber attack lifecycle, and how to prepare. Then Telenet Business explained about cyber resilience. Both speakers agreed that the question isn’t ‘if’ you will get attacked, it is ‘when’ – so while prevention is important, defending and recovering are paramount! Finally, we heard about Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policies and ‘bug bounties’ from Cybersecurity Belgium, which has prepared guidelines on best practices and legal aspects.

Presentations from the speakers and a recording of the event are available to our members (after log-in).

  • Orange Cyberdefense presentation: Cyber attacks: prepare or defend (or both)?
  • Telenet Business presentation: What is a cyber attack response plan, and why do you need one
  • CCB presentation:  Promoting the adoption of CVDP or bug bounty