First, the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB) talked us through the state of affairs on the implementation process. What are the opinions of the different stakeholders? Will this influence the implementation timing and adoption process? What about the issues that Beltug raised during the public consultation? Next, we learned from imec and the MIVB-STIB about data spaces: an ecosystem aimed at sharing data through pre-made agreements for the technical, legal and business aspects. They also shared their real-life experiences around data spaces and mobility.

Presentations are available for Beltug members, after log-in:

  • CCB presentation: State-of-play of the NIS2 transposition in Belgium
  • imec presentation: Why data should not be the new gold?
  • imec user story: Co-creating in the mobility data space
  • MIVB-STIB user story: The impact of data spaces on ongoing and new data projects at MIVB-STIB