‘Digitisation’ is defined as the process of converting information into a computer-readable format, thus creating data. When the quality of the data is good, artificial intelligence can enable organisations to turn it into information, which can then enable insights, informed decision-making, more options, etc. But for this entire process, data governance is critical: that is, the management of the data, and the sharing of the data and information.

In this N-sight, we started with the recently published EU Data act, which aims to enable better access to IoT data, to make business data available for the common good, and to facilitate data flows through technical standards and interoperability (amongst other things). Next, we looked into the sharing of data, with Dropsolid. Then we heard three user stories: STIB-MIVB provided inspiration in promoting an insight-driven culture, Atrias shared how it ensured data governance together with its IT partner delaware, and FPS Public Health revealed the crucial role of data in the fight against COVID-19.

Presentations and the recording from the event are available to Beltug members (after login).

  • Dropsolid presentation: Using customer data in the era of GDPR and SOLID data vaults
  • STIB-MIVB User story: Promoting an insight-driven culture, step by step
  • Atrias User story: Achieving strict segregation at a new central data hub
  • FPS Public Health User story: How data saved lives during the COVID-19 crisis