Beltug VIP Evening 2023 - speaker Isabel Van Mele

Digitisation is always a journey of ambitions, challenges and lessons learned – including for a leading Belgian bank. After one and a half years at the head of digital and ICT at KBC, Isabel Van Mele shared her journey so far. Observations, hurdles, disruptive trends in bank technologies, and her vision and goals for a modern, future-proof bank were all laid out for the fascinated audience.

Then we turned to thought-provoking digital artist Dries Depoorter, who discussed themes including privacy, social media, artificial intelligence and surveillance. We enjoyed a journey through several of his creations – including apps, games and interactive installations – and the often-unexpected responses they provoked. It was a unique chance to observe our digital world from the artist’s perspective.

Beltug VIP Evening 2023 - speaker Dries Depoorter

Beltug CEO Danielle Jacobs then took us through Beltug’s most recent and successful initiatives, and what our members can expect from the future. Amongst the highlights Danielle shared were our new Task Forces on OT Security and Public Affairs, our Ask a Peer initiative which allows our members to learn from and share each other’s ideas and best practices, our collaborations with our sister organisations in France, the Netherlands and Germany, and much more.

Beltug VIP Evening 2023 - speaker Danielle Jacobs

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