In this session, we started with the tax regime for software copyrights, from KPMG. Then we heard from the Cabinet Michel about the revision of the DPA and Belgian privacy and data laws. Next up was the implementation of the NIS2, from the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium. And we rounded it all off with insight into the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and Data Act, from Athenora Consulting. We spent around an hour to participants’ questions and comments, plus we took some time to identify possible topics for the next D-scover Regulatory event (which will be in April).

  • KPMG presentation: Belgian tax regime for copyright income: Changes and alternatives
  • Cabinet Mathieu Michel presentation: Towards a comprehensive governance of data
  • Centre for Cyber Security Belgium presentation: Transposing the NIS2 directive
  • Athenora presentation: The Digital Markets Act (DMA) and Data Act