The promises of low code/no code are indeed tempting: visual programming, a lower threshold for creating applications, faster delivery of software projects and increased digitisation. The large, ‘traditional’ players Mendix and Outsystems have recently been joined by the likes of Salesforce, Microsoft, Google and SeviceNow, while SAP and AWS have announced faster development of their own platforms.

But what is low-code/no-code exactly, and how have Beltug members used it? In this session, Prof. dr. Monique Snoeck from KU Leuven highlighted a few interesting points and outlined the implications for software management and IT workforce. Then, Jorgen Colsoul from FPS Mobility and Transport told us about their low-code journey, as they sought to replace a few of their Domino-based applications. Finally, Filip Wuyts from Hubo shared his story of digitisation and automation through the use of Microsoft-based tools such as Power Automate and Logic Apps.

The presentations and recording of the event are available to Beltug members (after login).

  • KU Leuven presentation: Programming made obsolete? Understanding low-code and no-code
  • FPS Mobility and Transport User story: The low-code journey of FPS Mobility and Transport
  • Hubo User story: The magical world of low-code/no-code at Hubo