So most organisations don’t need convincing that a cyber incident response plan (CIRP) is important. However, developing one and keeping it alive can become ‘just another task’ on a long to-do list.

In our session of 8 December 2021, we aimed to inspire participants with ways to keep sharp. First, we learned the fundamentals of a cyber incident response plan, with some key insights on what organisations tend to forget. Next, we discovered the updated version of the ‘Incident Management Guide’ from the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB). Finally, we heard a real story about using the cyber incident response plan to create an effective security ecosystem. We ended with a short panel discussion with the different speakers, based on participants’ questions and comments.

The presentations and recording from the event are available to Beltug members below (after login).

  • Verizon presentation: A strong foundation for your cyber incident response plan
  • CCB presentation: Prepare, to be better prepared!
  • Etex User story: Cyber security incident response as an enabler to Connect & Care