This session brought a variety of insights. First, we heard from Workday about how to use ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions to jumpstart your machine learning experience. Then Roularta shared its real-life machine learning story and roadmap. We heard another real-life story from UZA, which gave us a retrospective on its smart internal SEO. And we wrapped up by examining the drivers for success in AI, with Mieke De Ketelaere from imec.

Presentations and a recording of the event are available for our members (after login).

  • Workday presentation: Approaches for Machine Learning in Human Resources and Financial Management
  • Roularta User story: Roadmap to Personalising 1-to-1 with Machine Learning
  • UZA User story: I search, therefore I find – A look at UZA’s smart internal search function, with machine learning as the driving force
  • imec presentation: The good, the bad and the ugly: What are the drivers for success in AI?