However, this involves a delicate legal balance. In this session, we found out more about the regulatory aspects surrounding ‘ethical hacking’ and ‘bug bounties’, and the adoption of Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policies (CVDPs). First, the Centre for Cyber security Belgium (CCB) explained the new legal framework around identifying and reporting vulnerabilities in networks and information systems located in Belgium. Then, we heard from Intigriti about how recent changes to the law will impact the experiences of ‘ethical hackers’. Finally, Partena shared their real-life story of setting up a CVDP: steps, challenges and more.

Presentations from the event are available for our members below (after login)

  • CCB presentation: A new legal framework for reporting IT vulnerabilities
  • intigriti presentation: I fought the law, and the law changed
  • Partena user story: Setting up a CVDP, the Partena experience