Beltug Summer Bar 2023 gardenWe started the Summer Bar with an overview of the priorities of Belgian CIOs and ICT decision makers, which we use to create our Working Plan for the coming year. What’s on the list this year? Artificial Intelligence leapt to the top, likely on the back of the recent rise of generative AI, including ChatGPT. Other domains are perennial priorities, such as IT architecture, cyber security and data. You can find results from our recent Priorities Compass in FR and NL.

And take a look at our Working Plan here.

Beltug Summer Bar 2023 panelThen, we had an unprecedented panel: in the run-up to the 2024 elections, we were delighted to bring together policy makers from different political parties to discuss their visions on digitisation for businesses:

  • CD&V: Peter Van Rompuy, fractieleider in het Vlaams Parlement
  • Ecolo: Gilles Vanden Burre, député fédéral et chef de groupe Ecolo
  • Groen: Eva Platteau, federaal volksvertegenwoordiger
  • Les Engagés: Ismaël Nuino, Président, Génération Engagée
  • MR: Mathieu Michel, Secrétaire d’Etat à la Digitalisation, adjoint au Premier Ministre
  • N-VA: Michael Freilich, federaal volksvertegenwoordiger
  • OpenVLD: Christian Leysen, federaal volksvertegenwoordiger
  • Vooruit: Kris Verduyckt, federaal volksvertegenwoordiger

Beltug Summer Bar 2023 artist drawingAfter the stimulating discussion, everyone enjoyed meeting and catching up with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Click here to see some pictures of the event.

Beltug members can watch a recording of the event after login.