Digital technology has become omnipresent, making it not just an ‘IT’ issue, but a responsibility that now extends to the highest levels of the organisation, including the C-suite and Board. We explored the challenges, seeking out ways to bridge the gaps.

We brought together CIOs and Board members from three organisations – FEDNOT, Melexis and VUB – for a moderated and dynamic discussion on cyber security, ESG reporting, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and more.

Our warmest thanks to our interesting and dynamic participants:

  • FEDNOT: Jan Sap, CEO, and Bjorn Van Reet, CIO
  • Melexis: Françoise Chombar, President, and Veerle Lozie, COO/CIO
  • VUB: Karsten De Clerck, President, and Karin Voets, CIO

This innovative format enabled us to uniquely delve into how CIOs and the Board perceive each topic differently, and what they need from each other. And we explored the question of whether they can learn to ‘speak the same language’.

Then Beltug CEO Danielle Jacobs and Business Manager Levi Nietvelt took us through Beltug’s most recent and successful initiatives, and what our members can expect from the future. Some of the highlights included our papers, recommendations & checklists co-created with our members and sister associations in other countries, and our 10 Task Forces on specific topics of interest, all backed by the continued strong growth in memberships. We are now over 3100 members strong!

Beltug members can enjoy photos from the evening, after logging in.