But is this easier said than done? We took a dive into the world of AI governance, starting by separating myth from reality with Kenniscentrum Data & Maatschappij. Then, VDAB shared real-life insights into ethical AI in the public sector, while Bekaert showed how it is balancing opportunity with responsibility. Finally, we heard how the city of Leuven approaches AI while respecting everyone’s privacy.

Presentations are available for our members (after login):

  • Kenniscentrum Data & Maatschappij presentation: Ethics in AI – from the myths to the reality
  • VDAB user story: VDAB’s AI strategy for career enhancement
  • Bekaert user story: Unleashing the power of AI within Bekaert – value-driven, responsible, scalable
  • City of Leuven user story: Curbing night noise while respecting everyone’s privacy