VAIA started us off by explaining what employees need to work with AI systems. Dropsolid then took us into the world of Retrieval-Augmented Generation, while Cegeka focused in on AI assistants. Finally, we got two real-life user stories about using AI in the organisation. Brussels Airport Company showed us how they are using AI to improve the traveller’s experience, along with the role of Large Language Models. And Proximus NXT revealed the inner workings of their internal approach to AI.

Presentations are available for our members (after login):

  • VAIA presentation*: Why lifelong learning is essential for the success of AI
  • Dropsolid presentation: How Retrieval-Augmented Generation frees up time in your organisation
  • Cegeka presentation: The AI coworker that never sleeps
  • Brussels Airport Company: User story – Improving the passenger experience with reliable AI at Brussels Airport
  • Proximus user story: AI from internal expertise to value proposition

*VAIA (Flanders AI Academy) is also collaborating with the University of Antwerp on a one-day course on large language models versus sensitive data (in English), on 15 April. It includes both a lecture and a workshop, so why not take a look?