IT security architecture is very high amongst your priorities – in our 2022 Priorities Compass, it came in second! And rightly so. In an era of digital innovation and ever-evolving security challenges, IT security architecture plays a crucial role in resilience and trustworthiness. We were very proud to bring our members insights from Materialise and NATO Headquarters, to shed light on the relationship between the security architecture and corporate strategy.

In this session, we first heard how technological changes like cloud are impacting the IT security architecture of Materialise, a global 3D printing company, and what their roadmap for the future entails. Then, we delved into the story of NATO, at a point in time when international security collaboration has become crucially important. Both narratives demonstrated the dynamic interplay between technological advancement, the security architecture and the organisation’s corporate strategy.

Presentations are available for Beltug members (after login):

  • Materialise user story: How the cloud is impacting the IT security architecture at Materialise
  • NATO HQ user story: Security architecture at NATO Headquarters