ChatGPT is the ‘talk of the town’, and many organisations are both facing and asking questions about generative AI tools. They cover not only the technology itself, but also the limitations and risks of these types of AI developments. Companies want to know how to respond to this innovative technology, and management has serious questions.

Our discussion was set in motion by Bruno Van Hamme, Head of Expertise at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK-CEN and Geoffrey Braeckman, Enterprise Architecture Lead at mateco. They shared their first observations and insights. Then the floor was opened for discussions, as participants brought good practices, tips, challenges and more, and were ready to share and interact with their peers.

Some elements for dialogue included:

  • How to handle the risk of biased or incorrect output?
  • Is there an impact on your corporate policies?
  • What about privacy and GDPR when using ChatGPT?
  • How to protect the organisation’s intellectual property?
  • What opportunities do you see?

Presentations are available for Beltug members (after login)

  • SCK-CEN user story: Setting the scene
  • mateco user story: First observations and insights