In this session, Deloitte started us off by exploring the impact of cloud adoption on IT operating models, and what this means for facilitating a smooth transition to a hybrid model. Next, Leadout provided valuable insights into market dynamics, hyperscalers and cloud providers, and contracts. Mediahuis then shared its real-life journey towards becoming a digital company, focussing in on the role of hybrid IT. And finally, VAB delved into the decision-making behind choosing on-premise, hybrid or cloud.

Presentations from the event are available to Beltug members after log-in:

  • Deloitte presentation: Cloud adoption and IT operating models – what it means for facilitating a hybrid model
  • Leadout presentation: Managing hyperscalers & cloud providers – a cost & contract management approach
  • Mediahuis user story: Cloud-first or hybrid IT?
  • VAB user story: On-premise, hybrid or cloud – It’s all about functionalities